Sunday, August 29, 2010


I think having no time to think is good. Right now. Don't get me wrong, I think about a lot of things- Like how to explain to 65 6th graders how Adam woke up one day and saw a beautiful woman that was unlike any of the other creation he had seen...with out them giggling for the next thirty minutes. Or how am I going to have prom planned in a room of loud juniors, once a week, for 50 minutes and actually be productive...what is it going to take to get through to the students that make going to the principals office a daily goal... how do I minister pastorally to the students that are open and hurting while still maintaining the boundaries of being an authority. These thoughts. Great. Absolutely necessary.
But the moment I slip out of these thoughts, step back and look at where I live, what I am attempting to do and the fact that I am all alone. That is terrifying.
People keep telling me that I am brave. But I have always figured that this was the natural process of growing up and growing into who God has created you to be.
Week three is officially done. The reality and intensity of my situation is settling in. Everything in me wants to retreat to my safe place or safe people in moments like this- but knowing that is not even a possibility will keep my feet moving one foot in front of the other.
I have faced more struggles in the classroom this week than I anticipated. I am comforted by the knowledge that where God is at work, Satan presses in even more.

What's on the horizon?
Labor day. YES! You have no idea how nice a 3 day weekend will be :)
Camp CCR- High school retreat for 3 days. Did I mention I am not a mountain girl. Yeah. We will see how that goes.
Middle school chapel. I am speaking! Wahoo!

The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me;
your love, O LORD, endures forever—
do not abandon the works of your hand

All My Love.
Ms. H :)

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  1. If I can encourage you. When Katie left for California for college is was difficult for her and for us. The day that we had to say good-bye she actually looked at us with tears in her eyes and said, "I made a mistake. I want to go home with you." The hardest thing I ever did was leave her there. But when all was said and done, she not only had no regrets but she made friends that she will cherish for a lifetime! God knew where Katie needed to be even though it was scary for her since she knew no one and had no family around. What seemed so hard at the time ended up being a blessing!

    Hang in there. You just never know what God is going to do next!

    Love you!