Saturday, August 27, 2011

An Incredible Start.

All I can say is, "WOW"! What an incredible start to the school year.
I realized that I only have one year of experience to compare all else to...but this school year is starting off with such amazing energy and momentum.

Glimpse into my day: Worship Dance. Freshman Classes. All Girls Sophomore and Junior Bible. Add a little Student Council and Mentoring 8th graders on top of that and you have the recipe for an incredible year ahead.

This year holds new challenges and SOOOO much work, but when you are working in the vicinity of your gifting it doesn't even seem like work.

Prayer Requests on the table:
Patience to let the Holy Spirit break down walls and soften hearts (which he is absolutely starting to do). Boldness to speak out when necessary but wisdom to hold my words in the right time. Student break through in experience and living out kingdom oriented lives.

Exciting things on the horizon:
I am going to be going to Belize with the senior class over Spring Break. I love this class and am stoked to be a part of their lives being changed through this experience!

Also, I will be going to Israel in the beginning of June with the dance group, Illuminate, from my church. This trip in the beginning stages of planning but is going to be incredible. Dance is an international language that anyone can understand and I am excited to be a part of sharing the love of Jesus through this. Pray for finances. No, but seriously. Pray. Living on a teacher salary I stress about buy fresh fruit, non the less a trip to Israel.

Monday I start teaching hip hop at the church. Watch out!

I am speaking in chapel on Wednesday to all of the middles schoolers and high schoolers. Excited for the word that God has put on my heart.

Friday is the beginning of a long weekend...I think I might go to the mountains. For the first time since I have lived here. Pathetic. I know.

And yes. There are still lots of cows here.