Sunday, August 29, 2010


I think having no time to think is good. Right now. Don't get me wrong, I think about a lot of things- Like how to explain to 65 6th graders how Adam woke up one day and saw a beautiful woman that was unlike any of the other creation he had seen...with out them giggling for the next thirty minutes. Or how am I going to have prom planned in a room of loud juniors, once a week, for 50 minutes and actually be productive...what is it going to take to get through to the students that make going to the principals office a daily goal... how do I minister pastorally to the students that are open and hurting while still maintaining the boundaries of being an authority. These thoughts. Great. Absolutely necessary.
But the moment I slip out of these thoughts, step back and look at where I live, what I am attempting to do and the fact that I am all alone. That is terrifying.
People keep telling me that I am brave. But I have always figured that this was the natural process of growing up and growing into who God has created you to be.
Week three is officially done. The reality and intensity of my situation is settling in. Everything in me wants to retreat to my safe place or safe people in moments like this- but knowing that is not even a possibility will keep my feet moving one foot in front of the other.
I have faced more struggles in the classroom this week than I anticipated. I am comforted by the knowledge that where God is at work, Satan presses in even more.

What's on the horizon?
Labor day. YES! You have no idea how nice a 3 day weekend will be :)
Camp CCR- High school retreat for 3 days. Did I mention I am not a mountain girl. Yeah. We will see how that goes.
Middle school chapel. I am speaking! Wahoo!

The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me;
your love, O LORD, endures forever—
do not abandon the works of your hand

All My Love.
Ms. H :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Before I could even start writing this, I had to take the deepest, longest breath I have ever taken.
Week one. Done. Hallelujah!!!
If I can get through this week, I know I can get through the rest.
So, a little over view.
Monday was 6th grade and new student orientation. It was so precious seeing all of the 6th graders SO excited to be in middle school. The most anticipated event. Getting their lockers :)
Learning how to open them is pretty similar to getting into a bank safe, but they are determined! The classes of the week seem to all blend together. I have accepted the fact that I am going to be on most high schoolers' bad side...for a long time. Our superintendent's heart is communicating a message of "love" and "unity" within the school this year. To piggy back on that, I took time to go through 1 Cor. 13:1-8 in my high school classes (and I am making them memorize it by friday!). We wrapped up the week with the ancient form of prayer, meditation and revelation in practicing "Lectio Divina". This week was a good intro, but I am definitely excited to jump into the curriculum on Monday! My 6th graders are going to be spending the week intently looking at Genesis (with a fun twist of course)!

So. That is school. But I am quickly learning that school is going to encompass so many aspects of my life. I am making wonderful friends. Girls that keep me laughing when I want to cry, keep me on my toes, and tear me away from my classroom to go out! One of them put a beach ball on my desk with a note saying, "for the days when you miss the beach". Not that I actually went to the beach every day, but that moment that I can't have it, I want to go so badly. Lame.

Your prayers for strength, clarity and health would be much appreciated!

Love Never Fails.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pics of Road Trip...

I have not had much time to breath lately. It has basically been 13 hr work days between training and prep. So for now, I thought I would share a few pictures of my adventure out here (They are backwards. This week I have realized how technologically stupid I am)!! Enjoy!

My New Baby Flying Free and Breathing Real Air!

Stuck in the mountain pass for 4 hours. So much for a scenic route.

Beautiful Waterfall that we stumbled upon in Utah. Bride's Vail. See it?

Padres Game the Night Before We Left!

Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day of Training.

So. Today was the first day of "training". I woke up bright and early ready to rock. Left a little bit early just to be prepared. And on the way, realized I had a little bit of time to find some coffee (you know. to help settle the nerves.) I pulled into this little drive through coffee shack on the way to the school expecting it to be a quick in-and-out. Decided to be a good representation of true California drivers, I nicely let a car pull ahead of me...bad decision. I waited for 10 minutes just for these people to pay. By this time I didn't even need my coffee. My heart was racing and I literally thought I was going to be late for my very first day. Didn't happen. I was perfectly on time. But lesson of the morning. Drive through coffee shack on the back country road does not equal Starbucks on Mission and Quince.
Anyways. Today's agenda was a course in the Philosophy of Christian Education. Each of us were assigned a book to read over the summer. My book was called "Total Truth" by Nancy Pearcey. I highly recommend it. In a nut shell, she used a long line of history to talk about the division of the sacred and secular in life. She urged Christians to pursue detailed Biblical knowledge and form solid worldviews in order to be the best ambassadors for Christ. I got a little bit worried when I was half way through the book that she was focuses completely on the intellectual side of Christianity and disregarding soul care and spiritual formation. In the end, I was so pleased with how she wrapped things up. She commissioned the Church to lead genuine lives that allow Christ's love to invade EVERY aspect of life to let His light shine brighter than ever.
So now you don't even have to read the book. There you go.
In our seminar we were split into groups with people that had the same book as us. Organized a short presentation and gave the overview of the book to the class. NO ONE HAD MY BOOK. Yeah. Great. That was a shocker.
All of that set aside. I met some amazing new teachers (and a few returners) that I am absolutely ecstatic to get to know. The nerves are still there, but they are not overwhelming. Over and over again I am being reminded that this is where I called to be right now. It is great.
Another early morning tomorrow. Another book to discuss.

Oh. By the way. The thunderstorms out here are ridiculous. And my new nic name after one day. Is "SoCal". Because I wouldn't go out in the downpour to walk to my car. Nothing like being a foreigner :)

Love you All!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Culture Shock.

The United States is huge. You do not realize this until spend time in other states.
I have not even begun to experience the beauty and culture of Colorado to its fullest...but have come to the conclusion that I am experience a degree of culture shock.
1. There are stars in the sky. Lots of them. Not just one or two scattered.
2. Rainbow sandals look ridiculous here. Tevas are a much better option. Although I will never, ever wear them.
3. SoCal people can pretend to be "Green" but the true "Green Peace" followers are here. Walking through Denver a guy was carrying a sign saying, "I don't hug the tree, I smoke the tree". Classy, huh!?
4. The best mullets on the planet can be found here.
5. I have been told that I look like Hannah Montana. Looking like a 16 year old ditz will be great when teaching 17 year olds. Perfect.

All of that set aside, the transition has gone very smooth! The family that I am living with is wonderful! They have been involved in many different aspect of ministry for a long time, so I am excited to bounce things off of them throughout the year. I have officially had 3 meetings at the school, been given most of my curriculum (with no clue what to do now), nailed down most of my classroom decorations and am ready to attack this weekend! Training starts on Monday for the new teachers! My brain is so full of new information. I think I have an ulcer I am so stressed. And my eye will not stop twitching. But all of that set aside, I am moving forward with the confidence that I have been called to this position and God will not abandon me.

I have decided that my verse for this season is Isaiah 43:1-2. This was the verse that I chose as encouragement for my girls when I was an RA...but it is not until now that I am clinging to it with all of my might!

Thank you again for the continual prayers! I miss you all like crazy.

All My Love.