Thursday, August 5, 2010

Culture Shock.

The United States is huge. You do not realize this until spend time in other states.
I have not even begun to experience the beauty and culture of Colorado to its fullest...but have come to the conclusion that I am experience a degree of culture shock.
1. There are stars in the sky. Lots of them. Not just one or two scattered.
2. Rainbow sandals look ridiculous here. Tevas are a much better option. Although I will never, ever wear them.
3. SoCal people can pretend to be "Green" but the true "Green Peace" followers are here. Walking through Denver a guy was carrying a sign saying, "I don't hug the tree, I smoke the tree". Classy, huh!?
4. The best mullets on the planet can be found here.
5. I have been told that I look like Hannah Montana. Looking like a 16 year old ditz will be great when teaching 17 year olds. Perfect.

All of that set aside, the transition has gone very smooth! The family that I am living with is wonderful! They have been involved in many different aspect of ministry for a long time, so I am excited to bounce things off of them throughout the year. I have officially had 3 meetings at the school, been given most of my curriculum (with no clue what to do now), nailed down most of my classroom decorations and am ready to attack this weekend! Training starts on Monday for the new teachers! My brain is so full of new information. I think I have an ulcer I am so stressed. And my eye will not stop twitching. But all of that set aside, I am moving forward with the confidence that I have been called to this position and God will not abandon me.

I have decided that my verse for this season is Isaiah 43:1-2. This was the verse that I chose as encouragement for my girls when I was an RA...but it is not until now that I am clinging to it with all of my might!

Thank you again for the continual prayers! I miss you all like crazy.

All My Love.


  1. You are an amazing writer! We love Colorado!! We are praying for you Hannah Montana! You will do great things!!

  2. The guest in our house is wonderful, too :) Thanks for bringing another big dose of femininity into the mix. I am still looking for those mullets, though - ha!

  3. Move to Montana, Nicole... That's the real culture shock. It's just like Colorado but there are no "Denvers" or anything resemblant of such large and industrialized cities. No pro sports or multi-billion dollar tourist trap cities. Nobody even knows it's there. Oh and I'm sure true Coloradans are wearing "Chacos" instead of Tevas, though I'm sure you've seen plenty of both. And Teva is pronounced "Teh-Va" rather than "Tee-Va" like most people think. Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Region of the US. It's the best place on Earth! :)