Friday, July 30, 2010

On the Road Again. or just Now.

Recovering from a hour visit to VEGAS BABY!

Thank you Cedar City, Utah for not listening to crazy mormon rules and blessing us with your caffeinated beverages.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Adventure

My life never went according to my plans after graduation.
But the past year of my life has been at time of stretching, breaking, growing, crying (lots of crying) and most of all restoration and a renewed sense of calling.

My freshman year philosophy professor posed the question, "What can you not, not doing with the rest of your life". I knew immediately my answer was to mentor and walk with youth...To what capacity- I had no clue.

Looking back on my childhood there are 3 significant things that I can now laugh about.
1. I wanted to be a teacher...and literally had a chalk board in my room, with desks and animals lined up, and taught them.
2. I became consumed with interior decorating and planning. My room looked more like a classroom than a bedroom. Irrelevant fact. But completely true.
3. I like being in charge and am way too "type A". What 2nd grader plans their own birthday party?!

As I ventured on to college I continued to pursue this dream of teaching only because it was all that I had ever dreamed of doing. Until my professor asked me this question. I then abandoned the ship. Changed my major to Religion and prayed that I would figure out what the heck I was supposed to do by the time I graduated. Graduation came and passed. That same question still resonated within me. I knew what I was built to do, but had no clue how to actually accomplish it. The moment I stopped trying to plan out my every move (and no. I do not plan my own parties anymore) and released my whole self to the Lord, I received 4 phone calls from great friends who all presented me with the same opportunity, all claiming it was the job for me. The process of applying for this job was terrifying. And in the end, I was offered the opportunity of a life time. It took me abandoning my WHOLE self to the Lord to see what was before me. Teaching is something that has always be intrinsically built in me. It is a gift that learned to accept and love during college. I just needed to find something that I was truly passionate about teaching. End of story.

All this to say. Tomorrow morning I am heading off on an adventure of a life time. It is the most terrifying step that I have taken, probably ever. At the same time, I am more ready for this move than ever before. I am walking boldly in the confidence as the Beloved.

Thank you to all who have been huge supporters and prayer warriors for me. Never before have I felt more supported by the body than right now. I love you and and will miss you like crazy. Please continue praying for preparations for my classroom...and especially for my students. They have no idea what is about to hit them :)

Oh and did I mention that Max and I are driving there together. That adventure in itself needs to be covered in prayer.

All my Love.