Saturday, August 21, 2010


Before I could even start writing this, I had to take the deepest, longest breath I have ever taken.
Week one. Done. Hallelujah!!!
If I can get through this week, I know I can get through the rest.
So, a little over view.
Monday was 6th grade and new student orientation. It was so precious seeing all of the 6th graders SO excited to be in middle school. The most anticipated event. Getting their lockers :)
Learning how to open them is pretty similar to getting into a bank safe, but they are determined! The classes of the week seem to all blend together. I have accepted the fact that I am going to be on most high schoolers' bad side...for a long time. Our superintendent's heart is communicating a message of "love" and "unity" within the school this year. To piggy back on that, I took time to go through 1 Cor. 13:1-8 in my high school classes (and I am making them memorize it by friday!). We wrapped up the week with the ancient form of prayer, meditation and revelation in practicing "Lectio Divina". This week was a good intro, but I am definitely excited to jump into the curriculum on Monday! My 6th graders are going to be spending the week intently looking at Genesis (with a fun twist of course)!

So. That is school. But I am quickly learning that school is going to encompass so many aspects of my life. I am making wonderful friends. Girls that keep me laughing when I want to cry, keep me on my toes, and tear me away from my classroom to go out! One of them put a beach ball on my desk with a note saying, "for the days when you miss the beach". Not that I actually went to the beach every day, but that moment that I can't have it, I want to go so badly. Lame.

Your prayers for strength, clarity and health would be much appreciated!

Love Never Fails.

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