Sunday, October 30, 2011

Change. and. Refreshment.

Fall break. Two words that officially help me get through the rest of this semester. Today is the last day of this lovely, week long break...and I am soaking up every moment until the timer goes off.
The week started on such a high note. After waking up at 4:00am, trekking to the Denver airport, landing in San Diego (with a drastic weather change), I found myself on the scene of a chaotic family event. My little brother, who I still see as a blonde hair, bull cut, 4 year old boy, asked his childhood, crush to be his future wife. I felt like I was on the set of a movie when I watched him walk into his future in-laws' house with this crazy, big smile on his face. Max knew that I was going to be in town, but Leigha had no clue. Seeing her jump up and down, and scream, when I saw her was worth the weeks of the silent treatment that I had been giving her (I am a terrible liar. Desperate times call for desperate measures). I could not imagine gaining a better sister. The fact that I have been able to invest in her life since she was an awkward junior higher, was able to be a part of her and Max's first year at Vanguard (despite their flip-flop emotions for one another) and have been a part of watching their relationship develop and unique to any other story that I have heard. I love them both dearly and I am extactic for what is to come!
After the 48 hour whirlwind in San Diego, my two lovely sisters, Katie and Alli, flew out for a 5 day Colorado experience. Colorado gave them nothing short of an incredible experience. The weather alone was ridiculous. Monday: 75 degrees. Tuesday: Rain, 45 degrees. Wednesday: Snow, 15 Degrees. Thursday: Clear Skies, 30 degrees. Needless to say, it took WAY too long getting dressed and attempting to get out of the house. I will treasure my time with these ladies...forever. We filled every moment with new adventures. One day, the whole wolf pack will be reunited.

After a lovely Sunday run...I am back to reality. Planning for the next 27 days of classes until Christmas break. Plotting out the finals that I will give. Choreographing for the Christmas letters production at church. As chaotic as life is- I am excited to be reunited with my students. If at any moment I loose sight of why I do what I do, I just need to step back and remember the grace that I am given daily. I am called to be a representative of Christ's love to these kids, and will gladly take on this task day by day.

Continue running the race strong, my friends.

All of My Love.

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  1. aw, still can't believe Max and Leigha are engaged! Love your blog Nicole.