Saturday, September 3, 2011

Goodbye Tan

Happy Labor Day Weekend!
Saying goodbye to days full of sun, water and tan bodies and hello to crisp air, leaves changing and holidays that never fail to bring families together. I never realized how much I truly liked summer, but change is refreshing and brings with it, fresh starts and motivation to press on.
Most people hate change. And, disclaimer, in some cases, I would agree with this...but I would say for the majority of time- I have a fond complex for change. Thank you United States Marine Corps for engraining this in the fibers of who I am.
Last night I sat under the bright lights of RCS's 2nd football game (which they dominated), with lightening striking through the sky in the distance, and the first hint of fall in the air. I am amazed at the way this community comes together on nights like this. In that moment, it seems as if everyone is content with life and could stay there forever. Moments like make me excited and anxious for heaven. When one comes to the realization that they were, and are, created for community, it is life transforming.

This week took a turn for "crazy" and will continue to be there for another week or so. Camp CCR goes down in t-minus 8 days. We are way behind the curve on being prepared and need to kick it into high gear- which I am gladly willing to step into :)

Speaking in chapel on Wednesday was blast. There have been some life transforming conversations that have happened as a result of the word that God sent out. Wonderful!

Encouragement for the weekend...Read Galatians 5. Live it.
You are called to live in freedom. Bold freedom. Each day is a new day. You are forgiven and Loved.

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