Sunday, July 17, 2011


I have utterly failed as a "blogger"...but I am going to try to pick this back up.
After visiting California, I was reminded of my amazing family and support system that I left.
These relationships are kingdom oriented and lasting. So, to those of you reading this, thank you for your prayers and support- and I promise to try to update this consistently.

It has officially been one year since I have lived in Colorado and I am BLOWN away at the doors that God opened up. During college I was challenged to lean into finding out "who Nicole is...and what makes Nicole found in the Lord". Part of this exploration allowed the realization of my gifts to surface. It was exciting to identify them but almost devastating that they laid dormant for years after. I felt at a loss and failed in striving to find an outlet for ANY of them. Fast forward through the past year. I am living in a place that I swore I would never move to. Doing a job that I truly did not want. And changing everything that I knew as familiar. These gifts that laid dormant have been given outlets beyond what I could have EVER imagined.

I have become involved in a dance ministry at my church called illuminate. Dance, something that identified who I was growing up, has now become an intimate means of worshiping the Lord and a great way of finding community! Rediscovering dance in a new context has been wonderful. Not only am I dancing at church, but I will also be starting RCS's first worship dance class. I am excited to see the way that the ladies in this class grow together and find new ways of worshiping the Lord.

Midyear, I stepped into a role with Student Council. Having never been involved in stuco or ASB during my school years, I was CLUELESS as to how I was going to handle this. Decorating for dances. Check. Love it. Rewriting a school's constitution. No thank you. Need less to say, I was pretty nervous. I recently returned from a week long Stuco camp at CSU with my officers and am SO pumped to step into the role. My heart to walk through life with students and train them to be effective leaders for the kingdom is going to be able to spill over into the part of work.

A few other big events of this past year. PROM. glad it is done and HAPPY to pass on the torch to next year's junior class sponsors. Choreographing and teaching the WHOLE (k-12) school a flash mob dance and pulling it off at the open house night. Staff vs. Parent basketball fundraiser.

Seasons come and seasons go. Change is hard. Especially unexpected change. I was reminded last night that mourning the end of a season is so important because it forces you to move into a place of authentic life. The transition out here was seamless. God has provided in numerous ways and has blown me away by this adventure that He has for me.

Looking forward to this next year with GREAT anticipation.

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  1. Thanks for "restarting"! I am so encouraged each time I think of how the Lord has provided and continues to provide in your new season. Why should I doubt He would? I, too, am excited that you get to use your gift of dance again...this time for HIM! You are so graceful! I know your blogging will be an encouragement to many! Blog on!